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If you'd like to order by regular mail, just print out this order form and mail with your payment.
You can also pay with PayPal (see link below); or simply call or email me with your ordering information. Thanks.

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To use PayPal click below and fill in details and amount at prompting on their website:

CO residents 8.31% tax

For Michael Teachings overleaves and/or private appointments:
Name to go on birthchart: _________________________________________
Date of birth: __________________ Place of birth: __________________
Time of birth (from birth certificate or other reliable source): ____________AM / PM
Your birthtime is important for doing an accurate chart. It’s worth checking with the hospital and/or Dept. of Vital Statistics in your state or province. If your birthtime is unknown from any source, we’ll use sunrise that day. Thanks.
For office use: Authorization ___________________
Batch ____________ Date ___________________

Shipping for USA:  Shipping outside of USA:

Celebrities book: $5 Priority Mail
Parallel Universes book $2 Priority Mail
ach add'l item add $1.00

  Please call or email for international postal rate quote, as rates vary.

CO residents add 8.31% sales tax.

Free shipping (and tax is included in price) for Michael overleaves, taped consultations and monthly newsletter. Please allow 3 weeks for delivery, and let us know if you have any questions. Thanks for your order.


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