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NOTE: Expansion newsletter will end in December 2014 as a subscription-only newsletter. After that, I'll send periodic emails to everyone with info on people in the news and a forecast.

In the meantime, if you'd like a free copy of the current issue, I'll be happy to email one to you. You can get it as a PDF attachment to an email, or I can send you a paper version.

Expansion gives you
up-to-date information each month on the world in us and around us. You can get it by regular mail or sent to you more quickly by email. Both ways you get news and views, food for thought and a week-by-week “weather report” of what to expect.

Email version comes with colorful graphics and comes instantly to you as a computer-friendly PDF file. Regular (paper) version is mailed to you by first class mail. Both are sent out around the 3rd week of each month.

Each issue has:

  • Forecast: Week by week, what to expect in the month ahead.
  • Article on spirituality, cosmology, astrology or the Michael teachings
  • Question & Answer Column for your personal and universal questions
  • Idol Chatter Column: People and things in the world of spirituality, politics, human affairs, nature, health and lifestyle
  • Announcements of Causalworks events

See below for a sample of Page 1.

Email or call me at 720-389-7856 for a free sample of Expansion.

"Receiving the newsletter is like getting a gift of light each month."
~ Kristina Strom, OH

Contact us for more information:

1551 Norwood Avenue
Boulder, CO 80304 USA
email us for more info

Please specify email (PDF) version or regular mail version. Thanks.



Ca u s a l w o r k s
Emily Chaya Baumbach, CCHT
1551 Norwood Avenue
Boulder, CO 80304  USA

email us for more info

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