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January 2015: All through Spring 2015 we'll have abnormal weather and lots of quakes due to a three-month Super-Moon cycle, which lasts from mid-January to mid-March. January has Goal of Submission energy --- good for heroic acts under duress, especially from the 1st - 3rd, and the 12th - 14th. Communication will be free and people more opinionated. Mercury goes retrograde January 21 - February 11, a good time to fix your electronics and have a good sense of humor about snafus. We'll feel reamed out on every level, reevaluating our Life Task and True Play. That might show up as confusion, sudden endings, huge cleanouts and stoppages; but it will be followed in short oder by rebuilding everything in better, stronger forms. We'll see a lot of surprising historical information showing up in January, personally and collectively.

February 2015: Sparkly ideas and surprises; nice energy until mid-month, then a short phase of Aggression Mode through the end of March.

March 2015: Lots of discoveries in science, astronomy, history, archeology, as well as discoveries about people in your life. Soft energy mid-month, then intensity in the news March 9-11. Chief Feature of Stubbornness is a global theme from March 31 to mid-May 2015.

April 2015: Expect a parallel shift with lots of major change. We'll have good communication all month, with short-term intensity phases April 2-8 and April 12-16. All will smooth out by April 19.

May 2015: Yakfest now through early July with too much Intellectual Center effluvia to digest --- making it a good time to return to your core of silence. Mid-May has labor strikes and protests. Mercury is retrograde May 18 - June 11.

June 2015: We'll shift our global focus to the world of royalty and celebrities --- modern-day demigods. June will also bring many discoveries, personally and in the news. In late June we'll shift to the Need for Security --- protecting the family and enjoying being home.

July 2015: July promises to be intense and shaky. People will look strongly at civil rights and gay rights this month, sliding to a universal Goal of Discrimination. This means separations in personal life, social awkwardness, breakups of some friendships that have outlived their usefulness in your life. If some friends disappear out of your life because of misunderstandings, know that this is just a Discrimination blip on the screen. Come early September everyone will be in a Goal of Acceptance mood --- more loving and open.

August 2015: All month we'll be doing a Responsibility / Relationship Karmic Sequence: doing hard work, paying attention to duty, looking at our relationships with everything, and showing up fearlessly in truth. The ongoing cultural trend that likes farm decor, farming issues, locavore foods and vintage industrial items for the home will expand right now in a good way. August 12 - 18 will bring a short war-like phase. Incumbents will be forced out.

Mid-August to late October 2015: Three Super Moons will bring unusual weather and climatic events as well as more quake activity.

September 2015: Goal of Acceptance returns in a nice way with a loving, sweet, pliant and soft energy the first two weeks; then we'll slide to a lot of activity to the end of September.

October 2015: We get another parallel shift this month. Expect big changes both personally and collectively: births, deaths, job shifts, moving, leaving the old behind, making way for the new. Keep your knees bent and your center of gravity steady as you ski around the temporary moguls in your path.

November 2015: We'll see treaties and compromises. Be aware of unnecessary collective angst for the next 1-1/2 years. It will keep people focused on poverty and loss, but it will pass.

December 2015: The Role of Priest in the Michael system will be dominant early on, with rebellion and evolution. We'll get a break from intensity mid-month, but all of December is shaky and quaky.

January 2016: By the New Year 2016 we'll move into the Need for Freedom --- a potential for good treaties and a transitory outer peace. We might give lip service to peace, but if plunked into a truly peaceful world most people would be bored. The Need for Freedom will inspire many to create Mental Plane ideals on earth: equality, freedom and a good life for everyone.

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