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The Michael System is a powerful yet easy-to-learn map of human consciousness. In the core teachings you learn about the seven major personality types, called Roles:


Sometimes people can tell which of the seven major Roles they are through reading some of the Michael books and then doing self-inquiry; however, if you’re like most of us, you’ll probably feel like “all” of the Roles from time to time. If there’s any question about which Role you are, you can ask a Michael trainer to do this for you, either in person or by sending him or her some photos of yourself. If you’d like me to do your complete overleaves for you, click here for more information.

Once you know your Role, you learn that you have one of seven Goals: Re-evaluation, Growth, Discernment, Acceptance, Submission, Dominance or Relaxation.

From there you discover your Mode: Repression, Passion, Caution, Power, Perseverance, Aggression or Observation;

and your Attitude: Stoic, Spiritualist, Skeptic, Idealist, Cynic, Realist or Pragmatist;

your Chief Feature or trap: Self-Deprecation, Arrogance, Self-Destruction, Greed, Martyrdom, Impatience or Stubbornness;

and your Body Type: Solar, Lunar, Mercurial, Venusian, Martial, Jovial or Saturnine.

You then find out you have many other parts of your personality: your frequency, your male/female ratio, your casting order, imprinting, cadre, entity, nine needs, nine karmic sequences, true work, true play, true study, and true rest.

Once you know all of your personality "overleaves," you begin to realize that you were here before you chose them. You start to see that these overleaves are just a way that You, the true Self, gets to play hide and seek, and that none of these identifications are permanent. You see that your life has been a series of lessons and tests helping you move from denser awareness into expanded awareness and knowledge of Who you have always been. As gold leaf is applied to wood but doesn't change the wood itself, your overleaves are simply applications of personality archetypes over your true Self, or essence.

The Michael Teachings are open to everyone. You can learn about this valuable personality map from Michael trainers, from books, from tape series of individual teachers, and from the many Michael websites currently available. A search on Google or Yahoo will lead you to a number of sites dedicated to this teaching, including:

The Michael system was created by Sarah Chambers, Dru Simms, JP Van Hulle and others in the mid-1970s in the San Francisco Bay Area. Each woman contributed her part of the system, and small groups would gather to learn the information. The original Michael groups expanded as the information spread by word of mouth. Soon other groups began to form, and new information and new teachers began to teach the system. At present there are thousands of Michael students around the globe.

The original Michael Teachings were a blend of the philosophies and work of Gurdjieff, Ichazo, the Taoists in the east and humanistic psychologists in the west, with links to history and modern spirituality. Most of the current teachers of this system have in turn studied with spiritual teachers and mentors of their own prior to coming to this philosophy. All Michael teachers have their own specialties that enhance the flavor of the core teachings.

The goal of the Michael system is compassion for ourselves and others.

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