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Email or mail your universal or personal question to Emily Baumbach, Causalworks, 1551 Norwood Avenue, Boulder, CO 80304 USA. If your question is about your personal astrology chart and you're OK with it appearing publicly in this column, send your question in with your complete birth data (date, time and place of birth). You can also subscribe to Expansion newsletter and get a new Q&A from a new reader each month. Thanks.

Q: A professor at Princeton has devised a computer gadget to measure collective consciousness --- The Collective Consciousness Project. This meachine measures collective responses [with] cells in various parts of the world. On Diana's funeral, this machine registered a phenomenal emotional surge; so too did it register 9/11. Four hours before the tsunamis hit the coast of Sri Lanka [in 2004-2005] the machine registered a huge emotional surge. Perhaps at a soul level, we already knew of the pending disaster. (G, via email) (edited for length)

The Web Bot Project and Global Consciousness Project make predictions based on collective beliefs. Sometimes these beliefs manage to come into being, and sometimes they just evaporate - which is why it's so hard to make specific predictions. When a portion of the collective believes something will happen, like apocalypse in 2012, there's always another portion of the collective that doesn't. This is why there's always free will and karmic wiggle room built into karmic fate.

To see the most probable futures, step back from time into timelessness. Then imagine all potentiality looking like a spiraling glob of gelatinous chia seeds. At any point you can stick your fingers in it and mix the seeds all together, or string the seeds out in a line, or make your initials out of it. The karmic seeds are still there, but they're now arranged in a different form.

Now - The collective is sticking its seven billion sets of human fingers (and its countless plant/animal fingers) into an infinitely vast globule of karmic chia seeds. What emerges is true democracy: infinite numbers of creations existing at once in huge complicated parallel and concurrent universes. The Global Consciousness Project simply scans the seed-containing mental contents and subconscious desires of people on the internet, which is only a subatomic fraction of the sum total of all universal thought forms on all planets and beyond. Predictions the GCP makes aren't necessarily accurate (dependent as they are on the jumpy human mind), but they are fascinating.

Q: When we die, do we die into an astrology sign? Is that why some people seem to delay their deaths to time entry into the astral? (F, via email)

It depends on how many parallel selves someone has going at the moment of death. One dying parallel might aim its karmic arrow at a future astrology chart, but the remaining parallels might continue to live. If Parallel One is reborn, it becomes what's called a Concurrent. As the remaining parallels die and recombine on the astral, even-tually the reincarnation schedule of karmic tendencies - portrayed in the new chart - starts to look more clear. The new astrology chart will show a South Node that describes in shorthand the issues and events around the prior parallels. Does our goal-driven ego have control over any of this? No. Our schedules are managed by The Deep.

Q: We've been watching a little of The Civil War. Do you have a read on Stonewall Jackson and Robert E. Lee? I was paging through Celebrities...It was interesting to notice that Custer is an Artisan/Warrior...and U.S. Grant is a Warrior/Artisan. Are they essence twins, by chance? (Nothing's by chance, I know!) (L, via email) (edited for length)

As far as I can tell from paintings of Thomas (Stonewall) Jackson, he was an Artisan with Goal of Submission in the midst of a Leadership Karmic Sequence. Normally we don't see Artisans doing military leadership, but everybody does a Leadership Sequence from time to time; also, he has a King essence twin and Warrior casting.

Robert E. Lee (also oddly enough for a soldier) appears to be a Mature Scholar in the Michael system. He was a highly-regarded military leader due to his lifetime trajectory of studying history and politics, and he was also in a Leadership Sequence.

However, when determining someone's Role it's usually best to look at their eyes --- and Lee has the flat-goggle-like eyes of a Scholar. He almost looks like he'd be more comfortable giving a university lecture on medical forensics than leading thousands of soldiers in a fight to save his homeland. He was pulled into the Civil War due to his somewhat involuntary participation in a Working Group that was mostly discarnate, focused on figuring out whether it's okay or not to own other people. He was personally opposed to slavery, and his North Node in Sagittarius led him toward the end of his life into a position as President of Washington College.

George Custer was definitely an Artisan, as you pointed out. His solid Warrior essence twin's energy bled through his own non-soldier-like Artisan personality; and that, along with his Baby Soul viewpoint, made him think fighting for his own political interests was a good idea. He was at the highly karmic 6th level of his Soul Age, very efficiently creating karma with a nation of Native Americans. His outrageous Artisan creativity came through in his manner of wearing his military hat cocked at a jaunty angle.

Ulysses Grant was a Warrior indeed, with a lot of Artisan energy bleeding through; however, he and Custer are not essence twins.

If you look closely at the photos of Lee and Grant, you'll see suffering in their eyes: a profound effect of war.

Q: In Advaita [nonduality], it is stated there is an endless wheel of birth and death. This seems different from the Michael Teachings, [where] a fragment completes the grand cycle and reunites with the Tao. How is it possible to be identified as an individual soul again? How then to be sure that I had two previous grand cycles on this planet and one on another? (W, via email) (edited for length)

Think of yourself as Harry Potter, and your various lifetimes as Harry Potter movies. Think of your grand cycle as the complete edition of all Harry Potter movies. That is False Personality going through a cycle of lifetimes. Now think of yourself as J. K. Rowling, and the books "you" write as reflections of your own tendencies, wishes and dreams. That is your Essence. When Essence has things to do, it creates illusory characters that resemble itself. When Essence is done, it stops creating characters that resemble itself. Because Essence is the author of you, it retains full authorship rights. It can stop creating you or recreate you at its pleasure. "It" is what you came from, and "it" is your guardian, your guide, your Home, your True Being and your Self. It is so profoundly simple that it is the same Source of everything - No difference, no "thing." When all the Harry Potter movies have been made, and all the Harry Potter books have been written, where does Harry Potter go? Nowhere. He is merely a collection of Harry Potter-like thoughts that exist in availability. Anytime J. K. Rowling wants to resurrect Harry Potter, she can put him back on the wheel - on another planet, as a girl, as an old man, a sentient lion or a Transcendental Soul. She can have him dissolve into infinity then appear again in a 1st level Infant prequel. She can play around with time and reality all she wants. That's her delight.

Rather than ask others if you've lived on another planet, do your own research, and be honest. If it is true, something inside you will know it. If it isn't true, then you can always "write" yourself there. Thanks for your question.

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