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Celebrities: The Complete Michael Database
by Emily Baumbach
Out of print - however a PDF of the book is available for $10.
Contact Emily at 720-389-7856 or by email for info.

An essential part of your Michael library, and the required textbook for Michael Teachings 101: The Core Training. This book is an easy introduction to each aspect of the Michael system, with overleaves (or personality maps) of over 1,200 famous people. Many people say they keep it by their TV for quick celebrity look-ups. Here's what's in Celebrities:

  • Introduction to the Michael Teachings
  • Roles, Soul Ages, Soul Levels
  • Goals, Modes, Attitudes, Chief Features, Centering
  • Essence Twins
  • Overleaves for nearly 1,200 celebrities, famous politicians, writers, artists, musicians, actors/actresses, historical figures
  • Table of overleaves with positive and negative poles, exalted/ordinal/neutral overleaves, inspiration/expression/action/assimilation overleaves


Parallel Universes: Your Other Selves
by Emily Baumbach
$4.95 plus $2 shipping
Contact Emily at 720-389-7856 to order

Have you thought about the life you might have lived had you followed another path? What about the unmade choice, the road not taken?

Every time you make a momentous decision that changes your life from that point on, one part of your mind goes into new territory, another part of your mind can get stuck in a "footprint" of where you've already been. For a time you can feel pulled in two directions until you get your grounding in your new life patterns. Parallel Universes: Your Other Selves is a 30-page booklet-sized self-help manual for understanding those other "selves" that you've left behind. Ultimately you'll understand that the real You is behind all of your seemingly real parallel selves, for all parallels exist only in the mind.


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