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A private appointment is your opportunity to ask questions about your relationships, career, health issues, personal concerns and your upcoming year ahead as forecasted through astrology. You’ll get a personal interpretation of your natal astrology chart, your one-year forecast in detail, and your long-term forecast for the coming 3-5 years using the helpful tools of humanistic astrology and the Michael system of personality traits.

Fees for private appointments, in person or by phone: one hour $150, 1/2 hour $75, 1-1/2 hours $225.

To schedule an appointment, please call (720) 389-7856.

Phone appointments can save you time, and are convenient. Prepayment is requested by personal check, PayPal, Visa or Mastercard. Send three .jpg photos of yourself by email beforehand (or a color xerox of the photos by regular mail); and a photo or two of anyone you have questions about. If you have that person's birth data (date, time, place) that would be very helpful as well. After the appointment you'll receive a recording of the session sent to you by email.

Please note: I'm no longer offering Michael personality overleaf charts or One Question reports. I'll be happy to refer you to someone who can do this for you.


Recently I've developed a powerful healing process that takes you into your deepest stillness, a place of ultimate healing. Together you and I dig compassionately through your layers of hurt and wounding, confusion and stuckness, allowing you to gently open to your own true self. Once you discover that who you really are is original stillness, problems in life don't grab you anymore. This discovery is astounding and life-changing, and all it takes is learning how to get there.

We start with breathwork to prepare your body and mind for the process, then we begin to look at an issue you bring. All you do is close your eyes and go with me on a journey through your inner patterns to your transcendent inner Self. I'm there gently holding the space for you to get through the rough spots and into tender strength, clarity and okayness.

We can do this work in person or over the phone. Phone work is just as powerful as being here in person --- all it takes is you being in a quiet environment next to the phone.

Initial 1-1/4 hour session, $65. Subsequent sessions $50 each, for as many sessions as you want. The number of sessions is up to you, depending on your own rhythm of healing, opening and awakening.

To schedule an appointment, or for more information, please email or call (720) 389-7856.

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