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ausalworks is a publishing and educational company devoted to the study of who we are. Here you can learn about the Michael system of personality traits, the Enneagram, humanistic astrology and Deep Awareness Work. Eventually you find your true Self, beyond any identification at all.

People often ask, “What’s the causal in Causalworks? In the Michael teachings, it’s said the Causal Plane is the place where the structure of the universe is perceived.



September 1 , 2015

Dear Friends,

I'm on a well-needed sabbatical due to decades of overwork and burnout. If you're looking for someone who can help you with your Michael Teachings profile, a private appointment, instruction in the Michael system and/or astrology work, I'll be happy to recommend a few people to you. Hopefully after a bit of rest I'll get back to doing what I love.

In gratitude,


September 2015 forecast: We've just entered a new Super Moon cycle from now through late October 2015. Expect unusual weather patterns and increased quake activity through Halloween, not to mention a slight lightheadedness or brain fog. Solar Eclipse on September 12-13 is at 20 Virgo. Whatever planets or points you have from 17-23 Virgo will be highlighted and activated from now through May 2016. In the short term, we're now sliding into the Goal of Acceptance through October 9. Expect low energy and transportation snarls through September 12, followed by Mercury retrograde (snafus of all kinds) from September 17 - October 9. By the end of September we'll slide back to a high male energy where we'll get a lot done. We'll see labor strikes, protests and general frustration around September 21 - 26, with a lot of intensity in the news.

October 2015: The intensity continues through October 7 with a big public scare that week. Around that time we'll slide to a temporary Goal of Discrimination focused on precision and racial issues, with Chief Feature of Martyrdom showing up in the news. We have a parallel universe shift going on October 12-27 with lots and lots of change, deaths, marriages, separations, changes of jobs and moving. Aside from the shifting patterns of living, things lighten up nicely from October 11 through late November 2015, with a day of minor transportation problems in the news the weekend of October 24-25. All in all, October is a month with lots of expansion, enterprise, travel and public speaking.

November 2015: This will be a month of treaties of all kinds: country-to-country and person-to-person. We'll have clear minds focused on truth and higher principles for most of the month, with the only big downer being a vague sense of angst and hunger from mid-November on. All month watch for gas leaks, water main leaks, spills and fog, especially from November 9-20 and again the weekend of November 28-29.

December 2015: Expect a month with more activity than most of us can handle: quakes, storms, power outages, gridlock and general shakiness. We'll get a break from overload mid-month, then we slide back to shakiness by Christmas. By the end of December we'll be in a mood for freedom, kindness, compromises, exploration and openness.

January 2016: We'll need to look at the intensity-loving Instinctive Center from Christmas through early March. The Instinctive Center is the part of us that's focused on the five senses (smell, taste, hearing, eyesight, touch) and we use the Instinctive Center mostly unconsciously for our own survival. Things will be intense from Christmas to January 6 especially; then things lighten up for the rest of the month. It will be a good time to stop thinking, then simply look and listen. In this way your mind will turn off nicely.




Pet photos: My hobby is taking photos of rescued dogs and kitties for Summit Dog Rescue here in Boulder. Check out some of the cutie pies on and also my photography website ( to see who's up for adoption.

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